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Oxycodone Drug Tests and Information

What is its Origin?

Oxycodone is synthesized from thebaine, a constituent of the poppy plant.

Oxycodone Abuse 

Oxycodone is abused orally or intravenously. The tablets are crushed and sniffed or dissolved in water and injected. Others heat a tablet that has been placed on a piece of foil then inhale the vapors. The effect on the mind include: Euphoria and feelings of relaxation are the most common effects of oxycodone on the brain, which explains its high potential for abuse. Oxycodone hair and urine drug testing are the most common means of detecting abuse. 

Physical Effects of Oxycodone

Physiological effects of oxycodone include: Pain relief, sedation, respiratory depression, constipation, papillary constriction, and cough  suppression. Extended or chronic use of oxycodone containing acetaminophen may cause severe liver damage.

Download a list of commonly abused drugs (PDF) which includes street names, periods of detection, medical uses and intoxication effects/potential health consequences. Google

Oxycodone Opiate Drug Test


About Our Test.
The OXYCODONE One Step Oxycodone Test Strip yields a positive result when the oxycodone level in urine exceeds 100 ng/mL. At present, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) does not have a recommended screening cutoff for oxycodone positive specimens. This assay is intended for use in clinical toxicology laboratories, physicians' offices, drug of abuse clinics and law enforcement agencies.Urine based screening tests for drugs of abuse range from complex analytical procedures to simple immunoassay tests. The sensitivity and rapidity of immunoassay have made them the 
most accepted method of preliminary screening for drugs of abuse in urine. This allows the laboratory to eliminate the large number of negative specimens and focus on the smaller number of initially positive samples. Also see the hair follicle drug test for oxycodone.

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