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Hair Follicle Testing Information and Test Kits

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

ORDER HAIR FOLLICLE TESTING - Also see Hair Drug Testing Explained, explains the process from collection to results.

Basic Hair Test - Extended Opiate Hair Drug Test

Download the hair follicle drug testing collection instructions.


This page is dedicated to providing basic hair follicle testing information and provides easy links to our inventory of hair follicle testing kits. Keep reading to find out more about commonly asked questions, pricing, and types of hair testing kits available.  



Many customers call and ask "can I beat a hair follicle drug test" or "how do I beat hair follicle drug tests" or "how do I pass hair follicle tests"? For the most part all the shampoos that are sold to beat a hair drug test are not effective. The shampoos work on the outside of the hair whereas the drug is on the inside of the hair. Once the lab gets the hair specimen, they run the hair through a chemical wash that washes all external contaminates off.

There are no effective shampoos, home remedies or natural ways to pass a hair test. Once the drug is deposited in the hair follicle it is there until the hair is cut. So, in short, there is no best way to pass a hair drug test. The shampoos and home remedies used to pass a hair test are only making the companies that sell them huge profits. Instead of trying to figure out a way to beat a hair follicle drug test you would be better off to see how high a level of drug is in the hair. It is possible that you didn't do that much of the drug in question so it might not show up on a hair drug test. We can do an anonymous hair follicle test with no name or social security number necessary. All tests come with a one page report. Google © Copyright Expomed 1995-2020

A 1.5 inch sample will give show a 90 day history of use. We can go back farther at an extra cost. Call 1.330.926.0860 if you want to go back farther than 90 days.

Why Hair Test?

The advantage to implementing hair follicle testing for your pre-employment drug screening as opposed to traditional ways of testing is simple. A substance abuser may abstain from using drugs for 3 days to 2 weeks prior to applying for a job. With traditional testing, there is a good chance that the applicant will test negative and then start using again once they are hired in. There is also the chance of adulterating the specimen. 

Companies that implement hair testing can be relieved to know that this is not possible with hair testing. Abstaining or adulterating the specimen cannot beat hair tests. It just isn't possible. 

Companies typically see a cost savings right up front due to the donors' awareness that they cannot beat the hair test. Therefore, they won't even apply, saving you the cost of the test and additional costs of the hiring process. Those coupled with the fact that abusers cost companies thousands of dollars per year and are a great liability to themselves, your company and other co-workers.

How do you help to solve the problem? Start hair testing. Stop them before they even step foot in your business.

Basic Hair Follicle Test for employers, parents and school administrators. We are able to do nationwide hair sample collections. If you need a collection in your area call  1.330.926.0860. A nationwide collection cost is $50.

Pre-employment, random, post accident testing. An excellent value for parents and school administrators. NEW LOW PRICE $87.00 plus shipping. Testing includes the NIDA 5 drugs of Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, Phencyclidine (PCP). If any components of Methamphetamine or Ecstasy (MDMA) are found in the preliminary test a confirming test will be conducted. Testing consists of appropriate screen and confirmation of any positives. Typical analytical turnaround times are 2-3 days from sample receipt. The person/company ordering the test will receive a copy of the results via fax or postal mail. THE HAIR TEST IS NOT A TEST THAT IS PERFORMED IN THE HOME. A COLLECTION KIT IS SENT OUT, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING THE PROPER COLLECTION, THEN THE SAMPLE IS SENT TO THE LAB FOR ANALYSIS.

Anonymous Hair 5 Drug Panel Test.
When you purchase the Anonymous Hair 5 Drug Panel Hair Follicle Test no one's name or social security number needs to be on the Chain of Custody Form, but the form has to accompany the sample to the lab so it will be processed. The anonymous tests can NEVER be used in a court of law. You would do the collection at your home or office. A one page report is included. All instructions are provided. Prices - Anonymous Basic Hair Test - $87.00 plus shipping.

The Extended Opiate Hair Follicle Panel includes:

  • Hydrocodone ( Vicodin, Loratab/Lorect ) Cutoff - 200 pg/mg
  • Hydromorphone ( Dilaudid ) Cutoff - 200 pg/mg
  • Oxycodone ( Percocet/Percodan ) Cutoff - 200 pg/mg

Price $79.00, plus shipping. It takes 2-3 business days, once the lab receives the sample, to generate a one page report. If any levels are positive you will also receive a dose-response chart outlining whether it is low to high use. If you need a hair test collection done please call  1.330.926.0860. We can usually set up a collection nationwide. Order the Extended Opiate Test.

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State of the art, high sensitivity Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) instruments are utilized to detect trace amounts of the drug sample.

Cocaine/Metabolite 500pg/mg
Marijuana Metabolite 0.10pg/mg
Amphetamines 500pg/mg
Methamphetamines 500pg/mg
Opiates (Cod, Mor, Her) 200pg/mg
Phencyclidine 300pg/mg
Ecstacy (MDMA) 500pg/mg

How far back can a hair follicle drug test detect drugs?
For every half inch (.5 inch) sample of hair you would get a 30 day history of substance use. For instance we usually require a 1.5 inch sample be sent. This would give you a 90 day history of substance use. The sample is measured from the root end out to a length of 1.5 inch. If you needed a 6 month history of substance use you would need to submit a 3 inch sample.