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Hair Follicle Drug Testing Questions

Ask Me Help Desk, Drugs.com and MedsChat.com Hair Drug Testing and Urine Drug Testing Questions. Got a question? Give us a call - 330.926.0860. Also see hair drug testing explained.

Hair Drug Testing Questions Answered by Mydogfifi & The HairTestingGuy of Expomed Inc.

Ask Me Help Disk. Hair follicle test (marijuana)? Hey all, I'm almost finished with the interview process for a great job opportunity, and the only thing I'm worried about is a potential hair test. I haven't been told which type of test I will have to take yet... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicle-test-marijuana-834346.html#post3803939

MedsChat.com. Does Lyrica Show Up On 12 Panel Drug Test? I took lyrica and I was wondering if it shows up on an 8 panel drug test? I'm on parole. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/does-lyrica-show-up-on-12-panel-drug-test-258563.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Follicle Test. So I got into a nursing program I've been trying to get in for a while. It's a top program with tons of opportunities for the future. Unfortunately I'm out of the country on a service trip and could not make... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicle-test-833667.html#post3801756

MedsChat. Dextromethorphan Cough Syrup Drug Test. I took a normal therapeutic dose of dextromethorphan around midnight to sleep and then submitted for my pre-employment drug screen the next day at 2 PM.

MedsChat.com. Codeine Verses Hydrocodone Drug Test Will codeine show up different than hydrocone on doctor drug screen? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Codeine-verses-hydrocodone-drug-test-316255_s2.htm

Drugs.com Drug tests. I'm new here, long story short, I worked in a very tough environment 6 days a week 10-14 hours a day and working 7 days a week pretty often. Got hurt twice in 2 months prescribed lortab (7.5) didn't abuse. For security reasons with my existing situation I can't give all the details...https://www.drugs.com/forum/prescription-drug-addiction/drug-tests-72788.html#post522537

Ask Me Help Desk. What things I can do to get my levels down in a hair follicle test for mesth. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/what-use-order-get-your-levels-lowered-hair-follicle-test-830815.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Test and Single use Adderall 10mg. My boyfriend is by no means a drug user. He just received a call from a company that he applied to about a year ago. It is an excellent opportunity for him... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-single-use-adderall-10mg-831691.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Looking for a way to pass hair follicle. Just used once in 2 years and now I'm worried. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicules-830785.html#post3792580

MedsChat. How Does Chemically Treated Hair Affect A Test. How does chemically treated hair affect a hair test? I took about 4 (no more than 6) tylenol w/ codeine pills... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/how-does-chemically-treated-hair-affect-a-test-314731.htm

Ask Me Help Desk.Hair test. If I take 2mg of saboxone a day will it show up on a hair test. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-829904.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Disa results wrong. My test results came back with weed and cocaine... I use neither in life. How do I fight it? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/disa-results-wrong- 829166.html?s=de87477eef1f652cd802396ce31086b7#post3786988

MedsChat. Fioricet Drug Testing. I had gotten a prescription for fioricet with codeine back in December of 2014... there were 30 pills and I was supposed to take 2 tablets a day. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Fioricet-drug-testing-312376.htm

MedsChat. Venlafaxine False Drug Test. Can venlafaxine xr cause false positive results for methadone in urine screens? Please give me details. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/venlafaxine-false-drug-test-310769_s2.htm

MedsChat. Adderall Hair Test. So I took 10 mg of adderall on two separate back to back weekends in 5 mg doses over a month ago and had a haircut the following weekend. I potentially have a hair test coming in the next week or two. It's a pre-employment screen for a position I was offered through a staffing agency so it could be any of the tests... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/adderall-Hair-Test-310388.htm

MedsChat. What Will Show Up On A Hair Drug Screen. Neurontin (Gabapentin) has shown up 2-3 times on my daughters urine drug screens. I know she is not taking them. I will pay for a hair test if it can go back a few months and pick up neurontin to prove these urine tests are a mistake. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/what-will-show-up-on-a-hair-drug-screen-309587_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair test test coming up. I was a heavy user of marijuanna and found out August 1,2016 that my job is doing a hair test sometime in November 2016. I immediately quit August 2, 2016. August 5, 2016 I did a small amount of cocaine a couple of bumps. That was my first time ever doing coke. Later on that month August 28, 2016 I did one very small bump at a party, it was very minuscule... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-test-coming-up-827818.html#post3782329

MedsChat. Fioricet Hair Follicle Drug Testing. I take multiple fioricets on a daily basis for cluster migraine headaches. Will it show up as THC or an opiate on a hair follicle drug test? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Hair-follicle-drug-testing-309018_s2.htm

MedsChat. Subutex Hair Test. I have been on subutex for many years and recently took a hair follicle test and it came back negative... I am a type 1 diabetic. Could this be a cause for the negative results? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/subutec-hair-test-308924_s2.htm

MedsChat. Hair Dye And Hair Drug Tests. If you dye your hair on a monthly basis, will it affect the outcome of a hair drug test? Currently on a monthly script for Norco 10/325... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hair-dye-and-hair-drug-tests-308411_s2.htm

MedsChat. Questions About Hydrocodone In Hair Test. I was in the hospital 2 months ago a was given a couple hydros and some morphine. About a month ago I took 2 more because I was in a lot of pain. I have a hair test coming up in 45 days... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/questions-about-hydrocodone-in-hair-test-308188_s2.htm

MedsChat. Hydrocodone In A Hair Test.  have a prescription for 7.5 mg hydrocodone, but I have been taking 10 mg instead. My prescription says 3-4 times a day... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Hydrocodone-in-a-hair-test-307649_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Marijuana edible 10mg 60 days back-hair follicle test I used an edible 10mg THC chocolate on May 15th 2016. Also I smoked a pot sometime in February 2016. I have a hair follicle drug test coming in next week... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/marijuana-edible-10mg-60-days-back-hair-follicle-test-826335.html#post3777522

Drugs.com. Hair Follicle Drug Test Results Interpretation. Hello. I am fighting for custody of my daughter. I know my ex gf has been using drugs around her. She was recently ordered to get hair follicle/urine testing done... https://www.drugs.com/forum/need-talk/hair-follicle-drug-test-results-interpretation-71345.html

MedsChat. Drug Test On My Hair. I've been prescribed amphetamine to take everyday for the last year. I cut my hair last week to a grade 2 and this week I've been told im to give a hair test...http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Drug-test-on-my-hair-305495_s2.htm

MedsChat. Adderall On Hair Drug Test. About six months ago I asked my doctor if she would prescribe me Adderall. I took it in my youth and stopped after graduating school. Recently, I've tried going back to college... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Adderall-on-hair-drug-test-304992_s2.htm

MedsChat. Hydrocodone Hair Test? I took one hydro two months ago will it show up on a hair test... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hydrocodone-hair-test-300585_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Drug Nail test show positive for Tramadol? I took tramadol only once a week for about 4 weeks straight then quit 3 weeks ago. If I was to take a finger nail test today would the drug show up as positive? (the Test is 12 panel which does test for tramadol)... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/drug-nail-test-show-positive-tramadol-825406.html

MedsChat. Klonopin 1.5mg Drug Test. I took 1.5 mg of klonopin for the first time ever and it didn't even do anything. Now I have a probation drug test in 7 days. Will I pass? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Klonopin-1-5mg-drug-test-304484.htm

MedsChat. Hair Follicle Drug Test And Oxycodone. I took 15 5 mg oxycodone tabs in just about a weeks time. That was the duration of my prescription. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hair-follicle-drug-test-and-oxycodone-297831_s2.htm

MedsChat. Phentermine And Hair Drug Test. I took phentermine and my UA CAME BACK CLEAN FOR METHAMPHETAMINE, but now they just did a hair sample. Will it test positive for methamphetamine? It's explain able if it does in the hair, but only if it's for amphetamine. I am in so much trouble. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/phentermine-and-hair-drug-test-303973.htm

MedsChat. Took a hair follicle drug test and 1200 was the level for cocaine and marijuana. can they determine how long ago the drug was used? https://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hair-follicle-drug-test-results-279297.htm

MedsChat. I don't know how to read the test results, if it's a little or a lot: 15. 4/10 mg for a hair follicle drug test. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/15-4-10-mg-for-a-hair-follicle-drug-test-result-303510.htm

MedsChat. I have to take a hair drug test for employment. Will phenibut use show in a hair test? (Obviously it is not a standard drug to be tested for.) But could it possibly flag as baclofen? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Phenibut-and-the-hair-sample-drug-test-302167_s2.htm

MedsChat. Oxycodone Hair Test Issue. I took a pain pill that my co-worker gave me a week ago due to torn ligaments in my knees. I was contacted by a job for an interview and a hair strand drug test. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/oxycodone-hair-test-issue-301650_s2.htm?ts=1978021

Ask Me Help Desk. Drug Test Worries for Future Employment (Not a User) I am worried about an upcoming drug test scheduled for about 3-6 weeks from now. I have never smoked and avoid those who are smoking/using as much as possible. Just over 1 week ago I was in a small living room while about 6 people smoked marijuana. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/drug-test-worries-future-employment-not-user-822892.html#post3767123

MedsChat. How Long Do U Take Klonopin Before It Shows Drugtest How long do I have to. Take klodipin to show up in drug test. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/how-long-do-u-take-klonopin-before-it-shows-drugtest-297821_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Will a single use of cocaine fail a hair test? Hi there I am looking to get the bottom of the line of the above answer. I have read from multiple source some including major U.S drug testing companies s that a single small first time ever dose of cocaine will not test positive on a drug test. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/will-single-use-cocaine-fail-hair-test-820530.html#post3760409

Ask Me Help Desk. I refrained from taking xanax for 30 days and still worried I failed drug test.
Even though I did not use xanax for a month, the last time I did I took large amounts for several days. I am afraid I failed my drug test that I had on day 30 of cessation.  https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/refrained-taking-xanax-30-days-still-worried-failed-drug-test-819085.html#post3758273

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair follicle thc test. I NEVER smoke now that I have kids and have become a responsible adult. But once my grandma was diagnosed with cancer I needed something to calm my nerves down. I smoked two joints within a two week time around September 20th... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicle-thc-test-817981.html#post3752376

Ask Me Help Desk. Small amount of meth(?) consumption. Hair follicle test question Hello (this is directed to mydogfifi! He/she has great answers/insight!) But please anyone familiar chime in :) I have a question related to a previous post, but the drug was not cocaine. It was probably meth but could be PCP or a mixture of all of the above. (Cant ever be too sure.)

MedsChat. How To Get Methamphetamine Out Of You Hair For A Drug Test. Ok so I have to take a hair drug test for a new job they said it would go back a year an well I am freaking out right now because I did some methamphetamine (a very small amount) back in September of last year... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/how-to-get-methamphetamine-out-of-you-hair-for-a-drug-test-269876_s2.htm?ts=1746301&utm_source=click&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=forum_reply

Ask Me Help Desk. Infrequent user hair follicle test. Hey! Thanks in advance for any opinions provided. Here's my situation... I wasn't looking for a new job but a ridiculous opportunity found me to my surprise. The next surprise was needing to submit a drug test via hair follicle instead of urine... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/infrequent-user-hair-follicle-test-817390.html#post3750500

MedsChat. Robaxin - Will It Show Up On A Hair Drug Test I took maybe 4 or 5 500mg robaxin for back pain in a 3 day time period. Then i had a hair drug test 2 weeks later. Will it show positive? Will I fail the test? Thank you.

MedsChat Hair Drug Test Heroin. I need to know what chemicals show in a hair drug test for heroin. I have never used it but came back positive for it. The drug screen has 6 - something... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hair-drug-test-heroin-293926_s2.htm

MedsChat. Methamphetamine In Hair. I took at drug test at TASC on the 18th of August and then i took a second hair follicle test at PSI on the 8th of September to prove that my prescriptions made my first test inaccurate... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/methamphetamine-in-hair-293485.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Do suboxen show up in hair follicle test... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/drugs-814874.html#post3739813

Ask Me Help Desk. Worried and wondering if I passed a Hair follicle test.  I was a regular smoker of weed up until April 24th, haven't smoked since then. I passed n over the counter drug test at the beginning of June. Today, July 27th I took a hair follicle test. Do you think I passed? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/worried-andwondering-if-passed-hair-follicle-test-814607.html#post3738920

MedsChat. False Hair Test For Methamphetamine. Hi, my bf had to take a lot of Claritin D last summer and this summer. He had to take a hair test. They said he tested positive for methamphetamine... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/False-hair-test-for-methamphetamine-289906.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Positive drug test for Codeine. I had a positive drug test for Codeine and the result was 47ng/mL but I have never taken that drug... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/positive-drug-test-codeine-814328.html#post3737901

MedsChat. Hair Test For Adderall. I took one adderall 10 mg XR about a month and a half ago. I just had a hair test yesterday and was wondering if that little amount of adderall will show up... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Hair-test-for-adderall-288441_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Suboxone? I use 1 mg of suboxone daily. Is that enough to show up on a hair follicle test... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/suboxone-813197.html#post3733222

Ask Me Help Desk. Infrequent Smoker Hello, I am a 22 year white male who is 6 ft 1 195 pounds. I have a hair follicle test coming up on the 24th of June. I have not smoked since April 25th and also smoked April 11th... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/infrequent-smoker-813089.html#post3732588

MedsChat. Percocet Hair Drug Test - Does Perk Show On Hair Test Same As Lortab? I had a hair strain drug test at work. I am perscribed Percocet 10mg 135 a month and opana 20mg opana er 60 a month. I have been on them for a couple of months. Will this show up on the hair test... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/percocet-hair-drug-test-does-perk-show-on-hair-test-same-as-Lortab-277099_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair testing for weed? I had to take a hair test for a promotion at work yesterday. I have only smoked around 4 times in my entire life; however, the last time I smoked was around 137 days ago where I took a single hit of a girls bowl. ...https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-testing-weed-812815.html?1=#post3731672

Ask Me Help Desk. Adderall and Hair? IF I took Adderall a few times in the month of may and have a hair follicle test coming up, (June 11) what are my chances of failing? Nothing else for 7 months... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/adderall-hair-812659.html?1=#post3731451

MedsChat. False Positive Methamphetamine On A Child's Hair Drug Test? My son with autism had been given a hair follicle drug test and has tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/False-positive-meth-on-a-childs-hair-drug-test-287551_s2.htm

MedsChat. If someone took anywhere between .5 to a gram of methamphetamine to a gram (orally), over a 90 day period, will that show up on a hair test for pre employment? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hair-test-for-methamphetamine-287099_s2.htm

MedsChat. I took 60 mg of Ritalin in a course of three days and didn't have anything for three days after, but on the third day I had a drug screen from the methadone clinic. Will it show up? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Will-ritalin-show-after-3-days-on-drug-test-286350_s2.htm

MedsChat. I took one 5mg oxycodone about 60 days ago and ex-wife is trying to get courts to order hair tests on both for custody case. Will this show up? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/oxycodone-hair-test-results-286283_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Test and Single use Adderall 10mg. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-single-use-adderall-10mg-811360.html#post3726139

MedsChat. I took three oxycodone pills 3 weeks ago and I had a hair test done today. Will it show on the test?http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/medication-that-show-in-hair-drug-test-285852_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Im not a frequent user but I smoked meth 83 days ago, it was one night. I have a hair follicle test and wanting to know my chances. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/90-day-hair-follicle-83days-811291.html#post3725937

Ask Me Help Desk. I know the question has been asked a bunch, but I've been freaking out. I smoked on Nov 22, and had a hair test on April 14. I can't remember the last time I smoked prior to that. Do I have any reason to be worried? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-marijuana-810735.html#post3723953

MedsChat. Popped up positive on a urine test for morphine and codeine. NEVER took either of them. Had 6 poppy seed muffins in two days. Will a hair test save my job? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hair-drug-test-for-codeine-284878.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test? (Infrequent User) Hello, right off the bat I'm going to say that I am not a habitual smoker and that I will never again even be in the presence of illegal substances after what has happened to me. I thought I could try smoking for a couple weeks https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/pass-hair-follicle-drug-test-infrequent-user-809315.html#post3718808

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Drug Test. Exactly 35 days ago I made a stupid decision. I was incredibly intoxicated and let a friend of mine talk me into trying cocaine for the first time in my life. Recently, I received a dream job offer for an entry level position to a fortune 500 company. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-drug-test-808890.html#post3717108

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Follicule Test/Suboxone. If someone has been taking 1 mg of suboxone (1 8mg strip cut into 8 pieces) on a daily basis, will they pass a hair Follicule test? This is a full panal test. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicule-test-suboxone-808676.html#post3715964

Ask Me Help Desk. Will I still pass a hair test if I were to take one in a few weeks? I quit smoking regularly/heavily on December 10 2014, and I'm about 27 days away from the three month mark... however I took a two or three puffs last week on three separate occasions/days of good/potent marijuana (only felt 'high' on the last two occasions)... will I still pass a hair test if I were to take one in a few weeks? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/will-still-pass-hair-test-if-were-take-one-few-weeks-808198.html#post3713817

Ask Me Help Desk. What will a hair test on a newborn show?I want to know about hair drug tests on newborns. How far back can they show, how accurate are they etc... HOW FAR BACK CAN A HAIR DRUG TEST ON A NEW BORN BABY GO?

MedsChat. I took 1 soma 2 weeks ago. Will it show up in a hair follicle test? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/dose-somas-show-up-n-a-hair-drug-test-10-panel-280450.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. How can drugs be detected when you don't use them? My hair test came back as 1.0pg/10mg of marijuana but I don't smoke. How can that be? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/how-can-drugs-detected-when-you-dont-use-them-807066.html#post3709696

Ask Me Help Desk. Took one 20mg adderall 60 days ago, will it show in a hair test? So I took one 20mg adderall to help with a 12 hour drive back to school. I've got a pre-employment drug screening that includes urine and...

Ask Me Help Desk. Will I fail? I took maybe 6 40mg vyvanse and 2 10mg adderal during midterms the last two weeks of October. No other drugs. No "study" drugs since oct 31. I have a psychmedics hair test next week. That will be 72 days drug free. Do you think I will fail for amphetamines? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/will-fail-806666.html#post3708361

Ask Me Help Desk. I smoked daily for two years, quit July 2014, will I pass hair test? I smoked marijuana daily for two years, I stopped smoking at the beginning of April 2014 and then smoked two days at the beginning of July 2014. I have not smoked since then, and have a hair drug screen at the beginning of January 2015. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/smoked-daily-two-years-quit-july-2014-will-pass-hair-test-806335.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Cocaine. I am not a regular powder user, however for the 1st time I made a bad choice and had a night out doing powder with friends on November the 28. I received a call saying I have a hair follicle drug test scheduled for the 30th of December. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/cocaine-806319.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Testing For Weed. Hello so I had a drug test performed on the 2nd of this month for a job. I've been reading through many of the post on here, but I am still uncertain as to whether I passed the test. I should hear about the results either today or tomorrow. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-testing-weed-806608.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Test THC. I smoked 3.5 grams (1/8 oz.) of marijuana about 7 weeks ago, over the course of one week. Before that, I had been clean for at least 6 months. I haven't smoked since. Will I likely test positive on a hair test? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-thc-805783.html

MedsChat.com. False Positive On Drug Test For Methamphetamine. My husband is currently on the drug sweat patch. He has been sober approximately 19 months from methamphetamines. His occupation is a roofer. We just found out 3 of 6 of his last tests came back positive for methamphetamine at .2 (the smallest amount needed to set off th test.) http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/false-positive-on-drug-test-for-methamphetamine-254917_s2.htm?ts=1261471

MedsChat.com. How Long Does Methodone Stay In Your Urine For A Drug Test. I took about 150 mg of methodone, I need to know how long it will show in your urine. I took a drug test after 18 days and am waiting the results. Also it was liquid methodone. does this make a difference on how fast it will metabolize out of your urine? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/how-long-does-methodone-stay-in-your-urine-for-drug-test-277164_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Psychemedic hair test. Had not smoked for 3 years then smoked for a couple of months. Have not smoked for 123 days had to take a 90 day hair folic test from psychemedic using arm pit hair. Hair grows at an average to above average rate. What are the chances of passing? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/psychemedic-hair-test-804619.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Help Me Hair Drug Test. Hey I smoked 3 hits off a joint middle of November and I have a hair drug test. Only thing is is it is random. I think I'll have it sometime in February or maybe even March or April. Maybe January but that is doubtful. Will I pass my hair drug test? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/help-me-hair-drug-test-804683.html

MedsChat.com. Drug Test What Shows Up As Methamphetamine. I took a hair follicle and they said i failed it with methamphetamine. What will show up as methamphetamine other than methamphetamine? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/drug-test-what-shows-up-as-meth-277019_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair testing. I smoked weed November 4th 2014 expecting drug test in 2 month or less will I be able to pass? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-testing-804168.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Do I have to worry about my hair follicle test?  got caught smoking marijuanna at my college, and in order to stay here I had to sign up for drug screening through the health center. I had to fill out a form prior to the testing and it asked what drugs ... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/do-have-worry-about-hair-follicle-test-804181.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair follicle drug testing majuana results positive 3.1pg/10mg what does this mean? M trying to find out what 3.1pg/10mg Majuana detected through Hair folicle tests actually means? Tested 6mths worth and I swear my last sesh was 3 months or more ago and stupid anti me social worker trying to say I smoked in the last 6wks or so...https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/medical-specialties/hair-follicle-drug-testing-majuana-results-positive-3-1pg-10mg-what-does-mean-804288.html

MedsChat.com. Nyquil-Will It Effect A Drug Test In The Morning If I Took It Night Before. I took NyQuil last nite n I have a drug swab test this morning n my friends told don't even bother cuz it's going to come out positive. what should I do ???? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/nyquil-will-it-effect-a-drug-test-in-the-if-i-took-night-before-276382_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Follicle Marijuana Test. I want to get some opinions on the likelihood of passing a hair follicle test. I smoked most of September at least 3 times a week. How long would that amount of marijuana stay in my system for a hair follicle test? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicle-marijuana-test-803719.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Snorted a line of meth a month ago, possible to pass a Hair test ? My history I was a regular user of meth I quit back in December 4 2013 and was sober up until a month and a half ago , made a bad choice and snorted a small line of dope, only that one time... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/snorted-line-meth-month-ago-possible-pass-hair-test-803635.html

MedsChat.com. Amphetamine Drug Test Positive. I recently took a pre-employment drug test and failed in amphetamine. The only thing I took (prescription or over the counter) in the past week before testing was roseday (rosuvastatin and fenofibrate). Will this give a positive for amphetamine? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/amphetamine-drug-test-positive-275711_s2.htm

MedChat.com. Help Drug Test For Hydrocodone. I took 60mg of hydrocodone on Wednesday with the last dose being around 5pm and had to take a urine drug screen for the drug on Monday at 1pm. The urine test was sent to a lab. Will I test positive... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Help-drug-test-for-hydrocodone-275629_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Help! Will suboxone show on a hair test? Taking a hair test for Railroad. Will suboxone show up? It's prescribed but I'd rather not tell them. Please help! https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/help-will-suboxone-show-hair-test-803325.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Need help advice for a hair follicle drug test!! All right everyone got a question. I'm having a hair follicle drug test done in a couple of days and I'm worried. It goes back 90 days and I've smoked pot maybe 4 times in that time... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/help-advice-hair-follicle-drug-test-803350.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair test in two weeks. On October 3rd I took two 10mg adderalls. I have a hair test on November 3rd, is this low level one time use going to show up? What are the odds I pass the test? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-two-weeks-803249.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hydro levels in hair drug test. If my hair drug test showed a 340 is that determined to be low, medium or high usage... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/family-law/hydro-levels-hair-drug-test-802993.html

Medschat.com. Will Hydrocodone Acetaminophen 5/500 Show Up In A Drug Test. Took that pill sunday midnight, have hair follicle test on Tuesday. will it show up on test? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hydrocodone-acetaminophen-5-500-show-up-in-a-drug-test-275063.htm?

Ask Me Help Desk. I smoked bowl of weed 1.5 months ago and have a hair test coming up I smoked bowl of weed 1.5 months ago and have a hair test coming up, was clean for months before that... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/smoked-bowl-weed-1-5-months-ago-have-hair-test-coming-up-802756.html

Medschat.com. Oxycodone Is An Opiate On A Drug Test. My doctor RX me oxycodone but I am sick of doubt and I have a mouth test this Tuesday. if I use heroin in the test I will be OK? Because everybody said they are the same... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/oxycodone-is-an-opiate-on-a-drug-test-274650.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Marijuana and hair follicles. I took one small hit of weed about 2 weeks ago and have a hair follicle test coming up in the next 2 months. Will I fail? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/marijuana-hair-follicles-802386.html

Medschat.com. Can I Pass A Drug Test By Putting A Vicodin In Clean Urine. If I break a vicodin up and put it in clean urine will that work to pass my pain contract. I like to eat medical marijuana brownies in the evening instead of taking vicodin... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/can-i-pass-a-drug-test-by-putting-a-vicodin-in-clean-urine-274535.htm

Medschat.com. Opiate Drug Test Hair Help. Hi I have a 5 panel hair drug test coming up in a few weeks. I take 5 tens a day but I'm on prescribed one script of 15 5mg hydros to be taken 3 times a day. That script was from a month ago... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/opiate-drug-test-hair-help-274406.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair testing. I did cocaine about two months ago (august 3rd) . I did a small amount and I am not a frequent user. I have no head hair. Will I pass a hair test using body hair? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-testing-802170.html

Medschat.com. Failed A Drug Test For Benzo. I have been going to a methadone clinic for a lil over 2 years now. Recently I've been failing drug test for benzos. But I never take them. Does anyone know if benadryl or sleep aids(all over the counter) could cause this? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/how-to-fell-a-drug-test-for-benzo-274316_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Will I fail a drug test with Tremadol/Ultram? I am curious to know if I take a Tremadol/Ultram, will I end up failing a lab drug test? I'm in a drug court program. Thanks! https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/will-fail-drug-test-tremadol-ultram-802043.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair testing. I use marijuana about once a week and only a couple hits at a time and now I need to take a hair test. What are the chances that I pass? I do sweat a lot and I can usually pass a urine test about 3 days after if that helps at all. Im a 190lb 5'10 with blonde hair and medium build... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-testing-801986.html

Medschat.com 12 Panel Hair Follicle I have occasionally used oxy's, about 60mg a day for 2 days twice a month. I use.to use 90+ mg a day for years over a year ago and have cut back drastically... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/12-panel-hair-follicle-test-273962.htm

Medschat.com Non-addict Worried About Passing Pre-employment Drug Test. I have chronic back pain that, because of my age (I'm 20), no doctor will prescribe me medication for. I've been taking between 1/2 and 2 Norco a day from a friend who takes pity on me depending on how much I hurt for a few months... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Non-addict-worried-about-passing-pre-employment-drug-test-273857_s2.htm

Medschat.com. False Positive Drug Test - Methamphetamine. I am on Zubsolv and my recent urine test showed Methamphetamine. I have never done that! How is this possible? http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/False-Positive-Drug-Test-Methamphetamine-273517.htm

Medschat.com. Hair Follicle Drug Test Methamphetamine.  I used methamphetamine 3 weeks ago. I hadn't used since last year. Will it show up on a hair follicle drug test... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hair-follicle-drug-test-methamphetamine-273376.htm

Medschat.com. Percocet 5mg Drug Test Help! I need to know if I take half of a Percocet 5 will I test positive for the percocet? I'm supposed to take 10mg... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/percocet-5mg-drug-test-273164.htm

Ask Me Answer Desk. Need an answer asap. I smoked meth last Friday and I only took 5 hits it wasn't really nothing but I'm on drug court probation and I graduate in February,I wanted to know that if they did a hair follicle test... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/answer-asap-801372.html

Ask Me Help Desk. My pregnant wife addicted to crsytal meth. It is possible to know if the pregnant women using crytal meth. https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/pregnant-wife-addicted-crsytal-meth-800924.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair test - Adderall concerns. About two and a half months ago I had my last dose of 5mg Adderall. Maybe 20 pills over three to four weeks. Am I screwed on a hair test? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-adderall-concerns-800412.html.

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Follicle Drug Testing Question. I haven't smoked pot in 3 months. I have to have a follicle test done in the next couple weeks. I'm wondering if I took 3-4 hits off a joint before then would it show up.

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair follicle drug testing. With a prescription for adderall (amphetamine salts) will a positive result for this look the same as a positive for Molly (MDMA) or will the two different amphetamines be tested differently and told apart on a hair follicle drug test? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicle-drug-testing-799308.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair test. Smoked 3 joints with one other person July 22nd and one joint July 15th Have hair test coming up in about a week it is now August 15th should I pass a hair test last time before that was smoked in april and may a few joints... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-799316.html

Ask Me Help Desk. False negative. On my drug test. I had a drug test taken at the clinic I have been going to for 2yrs.and I'm on adderall 20mg. Clonazepam.5mg. Doxepin 25mg. Methodone 80mg and furosemide 20mg. My test came back negative. For everything!  https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/medications/false-negative-drug-test-799052.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Follicle Test Questions (Infrequent User) 2014. The last time I've smoked was about 45 days ago (2 hits), before that about 4 months ago (2-3 hits).  I know they test back 90 days, and I'm debating whether to cut my hair a little shorter to help my cause... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicle-test-questions-infrequent-user-2014-a-799270.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair test question. I have a hair test for a new job in 2 days and was wondering if I took 2 adderall in February, 6 months ago, will it show up on the test? Also 2 weeks ago I took 2 hydrocodone but I am prescribed to them... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-question-799097.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair - 811 - 5DSP/EXP OPI HAIR what does this test include ? Employee screening test. But does it include Cotinine too... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-811-5dsp-exp-opi-hair-what-does-test-include-798816.html

Medschat.com Passing Hair Test. I took 2 10mg Adderall just over a month ago and have both a urine and hair drug test coming up next week for a pre-employment drug screen... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Passing-hair-test-270579.htm

Medschat.com Will Tramadol Show Up On My Pain Management Drug Test If I Take Oxycodone? I take loratab I think I had a script for the extended released tramadol. But that was 10 years ago... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Will-tramadol-show-up-on-my-pain-management-drug-test-if-I-take-Oxycodone-255066_s2.htm

Medschat.com. Hair Drug Test Due - Iv a strand test due any day. Im bein tested 4 all drugz & alcohol. I drink mayb 2 vodka lemonades a fortnight what will show. I did inject heroin jus the once a week ago. Will the heroin show. Please help. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/hair-drug-test-due-270463_s2.htm

Medschat.com. I'm taking Methyltestosterone and I have a drug test will it show up as methamphetamine and fail my test?

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair test in 4 days - The last time I smoked was exactly a month ago and it was probably about a bowl. I smoked about the same a week before that. And the same a month before that. I work out daily and sweat like a beast. I am female, and have thick light brown hair. What are my chances of passing? https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-4-days-798378.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Passed a hair drug screen with head hair, but body hair was used the second time. Hello. I knew I was going to be taking a hair follicle test today through Quest Diagnostics, so exactly two weeks ago I had a personal Hair Follicle Test scheduled by Health Street at a Quest Diagnostics location. At the time of the test, I had not smoked marijuana for four weeks, but I had been a regular user for five months prior... https://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/passed-hair-drug-screen-head-hair-but-body-hair-used-second-time-797275.html

Medschat.com. How To Get Methamphetamine Out Of You Hair For A Drug Test? Kendra says, ok so I have to take a hair drug test for a new job they said it would go back a year an well I am freaking out right now because I did some methamphetamine (a very small amount) back in September of last year. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/how-to-get-meth-out-of-you-hair-for-a-drug-test-269876.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Do you think I will fail my 5 panel drug test? Mydogfifi, I have been reading a lot of your posts, and would like your opinion, as well. I took a hair follicle test today, and my hair is being sent to psychemedics for testing.http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/do-you-think-will-fail-5-panel-drug-test-781315.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Drug Test. I've read a lot on this website and would like your opinion. Here is the deal - I had 2-3 hits of some decent stuff late in October, 2013... http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-drug-test-781727.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Will I pass hair follicle test? Hi all, I smoked marijuana about two months ago, then again about three weeks ago- all pretty small amounts. Before that I was completely clean. What are the odds of me passing? My hair is about 1.5 inches. Any helpful info?http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/will-pass-hair-follicle-test-781127.html

MedsChat. How Long Does Tylenol 3 Stay In Your System For A Urine Drug Test. i have a prescription for percocets however i forgot them at my moms but i had a prescription for tylenol 3s cpl months earlier i took the tylenol 3s on sunday and did a drug test... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/how-long-does-tylenol-3-stay-in-your-system-for-a-urine-drug-test-254039_s2.htm?ts=801571

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair Follicle Test for previous drug user coming soon, please help... Hi, I was wondering if you could give me any answers to the worries that I have about my upcoming hair follicle test. http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-follicle-test-previous-drug-user-coming-soon-help-779043.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair test coming up need advice!! SO like the title says I'm needing some advice. . I got an important hair test coming up for a job http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-test-coming-up-advice-777997.html

MedsChat. Metformin Urine Drug Test. My brother had a urine test and was told he had traces of drugs as in Benzodiozine. He takes Metformin, Bezalipmono, and Simvastatin. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Metformin-urine-drug-test-256787_s2.htm

MedsChat. What Do Drug Test For Through Court Ordered Tests. When you have to take a test for probation and they send it to a lab can they differenciate between the drug phenterimine and methamphetimes or will it show up the same. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/what-do-drug-test-for-through-court-ordered-tests-256573_s2.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Drug test. I recently took a hair follicle and my results came back positive for cocaine. I have been working in the refineries since 2006 and I've never did any drugs...http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/medical-science/drug-test-777479.html

MedsChat. False Positive On Drug Test For Methamphetamines. I recently took a hair follicle test and it came back positive for meth. I've been clean since April 24, 2013. I was on trazadone and Prozac until roughly July... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/false-positive-on-drug-test-for-methamphetamines-253209.htm

Ask Me Help Desk. Pre-employment drug test, will I pass? I did two small lines of coke 45 days ago and had my hair drug test was yesterday. Will that show up? http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/pre-employment-drug-test-will-pass-775769.html

Topix. Passing a hair test. How long does someone need to be clean before passsing a hair falicule drug test...https://www.expomed.com/drugtest/hairfaq.htm

MedsChat. Will Tramadol Show Up On My Pain Management Drug Test If I Take Oxycodone? I am in Virginia and I currently take 4 30mg oxycodones and 4 100mg... http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/Will-tramadol-show-up-on-my-pain-management-drug-test-if-I-take-Oxycodone-255066_s2.htm?ts=714301

MedsChat. False Positive On Drug Test For Methamphetamine. Hi i am voluntarily drug testing for CPS because my daughter's father (who had physical custody) passed away suddenly due to a motorcycle accident...http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/false-positive-on-drug-test-for-methamphetamine-254917_s2.htm?ts=717691

Marijuana Central. NewMed Diagnostics? I have been testing using NewMed Diagnostics THC strips (50 ng/ml). Last smoke was 17 days ago... http://www.marijuanacentral.com/topic/41-newmed-diagnostics/

Marijuana Central. Drug test tommorrow November 6/2013... http://www.marijuanacentral.com/topic/38-drug-test-tommorrow-november-62013/

Marijuana Central. Hair Testing..- Urgent! Job test next week- PLEASE-Need advice Man- I just knew taking that drag might get me... http://www.marijuanacentral.com/topic/40-hair-testing-urgent-job-test-next-week-please-need-advice/

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair drug test and weed. So I just took a hair drug test yesterday... from what I see it tests you for the past 90 days... within the last 90 days I have smoked like 3 bowls from a pipe... http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-drug-test-weed-773563.html.

Ask Me Help Desk. Alcoholic adult son All answers have their merit, but each siuation is unique. My son ,age 54, is an alcoholic, He spent 2 years in prison for DUI's, and relaesed almost 2 years ago. http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/alcoholic-adult-son-772447.html

Ask Me Help Desk. 1 time user, will I pass hair follicle test? I was passing a roach between myself and 3 other people. I took like 4-5 puffs and I didn't really know what I was doing. But I did get high. http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/1-time-user-will-pass-hair-follicle-test-773658.html

Ask Me Help Desk. Hair drug test. Hello, I have a hair follicile drug test coming up in a week or so and I took at the most 4 hits of weed in the beginning of last month I'm a non frequent user will I pass my test ? http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/addictions/hair-drug-test-774303.html

Voted Best Answer. How far back do hair drug test go? I want to get this job, but they do hair drug testing. Problem is I smoked marijuana... https://www.expomed.com/drugtest/hairtest.htm

Voted Best Answer. I NEED HELP PASSING A HAIR DRUG TEST PLEASE im so scared!!!!? I have asked a question like this before... https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100403010427AAwhRyt

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