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Hair Follicle Drug Test Kits

How is our hair follicle drug testing different from our competition?

Whether you are looking for home use or pre-employment drug tests, Expomed has the ability to customize the hair follicle drug testing kits offered in our inventory. If you need to go back farther than 3 months, we can do that. If you only have a small amount of hair, we can try to send it straight to confirmation for one drug class. All of our hair follicle drug test kits come with a detailed one-page report - something the competition doesn't do. If any results are positive, we put a chart on the back of the result page which indicates low, medium, or high use of the drug that was positive. If you have a technical question after you receive the results you can talk to a live person. If you need a hair follicle drug test collection for a legal case, we have nearly 500 collection sites nationwide. Hair drug testing is the best at identifying lifestyle drug users. Collection fees run $50 dollars. If you need a litigation package to use in court, we can provide it. Call our toll-free number for more information. Also see Hair Drug Testing Explained, overview of the process from collection to results. NO SURCHARGE FEES FOR USING A CREDIT CARD! © Copyright Expomed Inc.1995-2021

Hair Drug Testing

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